The Finger Lakes offer marvelous opportunities for sailing.  a wide variety of sailboats were produced by many firms in the Finger Lakes.  


The Inboard boats are powered by an inboard engine and were typically more expensive to build.  These generally represent the "high-end" of the boating spectrum.   


The Outboard Runabout boats were powered by an outboard motor and equipped with a steering wheel.  They were larger than the row outboards.    

Outboard Runabouts

The Row Outboard category is used to designate boats built to be powered by a motor or by oars when necessary.  Typically used for fishing and recreation   

Row Outboards

We define the rowboat as a craft originally built to be primarily powered by oars.  Rowboats typically ranged in length from 11 1/2 -16 ft and usually were round bottomed.    


Canoes were produced by several Finger Lakes builders  They were built to serve various recreational needs and were built
in a variety of lengths and shapes.  


FLBM has created a collection of boats that were built within the 14-county Finger Lakes region of New York State.  
To be part of the collection, the boat must have been built by an individual or firm engaged in commercial boat building (as opposed to a hobbyist) to qualify for inclusion in the Collection.  Exceptions are made for boats serving a significant purpose in the Finger Lakes and are taken on a case by case basis.