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Learn at the FLBM 
The Finger Lakes Boating Museum (FLBM) was founded to preserve and share the fascinating history of the Finger Lakes boating industry and the pivotal role it has played in the development of the region and beyond.  The Finger Lakes Boating Museum's Academy (FLBA) is the umbrella entity that covers all of FLBM’s active educational activity offered to the public:  courses, lectures, demonstrations, workshops, and youth programs. FLBA will become the primary educational institution around Finger Lakes boating by providing diverse program offerings and venues to the community.  
The Museum houses an active boat shop within the main building that provides visitors with a look at some of our restoration projects. Our Academy programming is also often held here.  Visit the shop and chat with the restoration volunteers about current projects and what is next for the museum.
The list of known boat builders in the Finger Lakes region is growing all the time as we discover builders from history and find current builders.  
Visit the Museum's research library to explore our growing resource for boating, boat building and the history of boating in the region.
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