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Underwater Archaeology

Art Cohn, and his Underwater Archaeology Team, scan the bottoms of the Finger Lakes. Their discoveries, so far, have been groundbreaking.

In 2019 Art Cohn and his team scanned the bottom of Seneca Lake, the deepest of the Finger Lakes.

For the following year and a half the team conducted bathymetric surveys of the lake bed. Bathymetry is a study of the depth of a body of water, such as a lake, ocean, or sea.

Using bathymetric equipment the team was able to record a more accurate depth measurement of Seneca Lake (compared to the past). One benefit of using bathymetric equipment is the ability to identify foreign (human-made) objects at the bottom of the lake. These objects discovered hold historical significance, and range in size.

Shipwrecks were among the most unique and significant discoveries on the lake bed of Seneca Lake during this project. There were different types of boats from differnent time-periods.

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