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Volunteer Projects

These dedicated volunteers help bring wind to our sails. Their projects all focus on boatbuilding, and are fun to watch!

Are you looking for something to keep your hands occupied? Do you love working with wood?

The volunteer boatbuilders at the FLBM work together as a team to help build, repair and refurbish old wooden boats. The boats are only from the Finger Lakes region.

The Finger Lakes was, and still is, a destination for boating and other lake activities. The boatbuilders of Finger Lakes history built one-of-a-kind, exquisite wooden boats widely ranging in styles and types.

Projects at the Museum involve boats such as: sailboats; inboard/outboard motorboats; rowboats/trout boats; hydroplanes; and other unique boats that were built in the Finger Lakes.

Plus, we also have volunteer projects that involve parts of a boat. We have a special engine shop where volunteers can work on repairing or refurbishing antique/vintage marine motors.

There are so many options for hands-on volunteer projects!


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